Today we're talking about getting clear on your S.H.A.P.E. to make an impact…

You know, if you're someone that's just trying to fight your way through figuring out:

What on Earth am I here for? Do I know my purpose?  Is my mission clear? Where am I headed?

You haven't quite found your footing in your business or maybe another area of your life, then listen up!

There's actually a book all about this concept of knowing your S.H.A.P.E. I'll add it in the additional resources below.

I'm going to go through each of these (yes, it's an acronym), with you and share what they stand for to help you just better figure out the direction that you should be taking in your business and life….

A lot of what I'm teaching when it comes to business and inside of my Turn Purpose to Profit Community,is really designing a business based off of your actual talents, your actual skill sets and not being so dependent upon what everybody else is doing and what everybody else is good at.

We are all shaped uniquely, we are all different. Thankfully we all have have certain traits and things that we represent that make us who we are… that we should be using. They weren't given to us for nothing.

So let's dive into discovering how you were SHAPED to make an impact.

1. S=Spiritual Gifts


These are gifts that are given to you. They're not things that you can request or wish for. You don't earn them. They are something that is just given to you.

If you are a believer and walk with family of God, you are actually given spiritual gifts. They are passed on to you through your spiritual journey.

We talk a lot about building a business through faith, God's way vs. our way is always a better way. Can I get an amen!


1 Corinthians 12:4-6 says… 


There are different kinds of gifts but the same spirit. there are different kinds of service but the same lord. There are different kinds of work, but the same God works all of them in all men.

What does that mean?

This isn't your abilities. This isn't your talents or skills.

Think is something that you're just gifted at doing.

When you don't use your spiritual gifts, you cheat yourself because you're not using them, but you also cheat other people that you could be blessing in the process. Click To Tweet


So this is something that you really want to sit down and figure out for yourself.

  • Are you good at encouraging people?
  • A good leader or are you good at a service
  • Giving?
  • Maybe you're good at teaching?
  • How about counseling?
  • Helping people heal?


You know, that's something that I really have figured out for myself that I'm good at teaching things. (I'm gonna share examples to help you out.)

I never saw myself as a teacher before, but that's something that was a spiritual gift passed onto me when I decided to get back into this industry after over a decade of struggle and it became a gift of mine to teach building a profitable business online.

You know, there's all these different types of traits that are passed onto you.

Think about (or write down) What your spiritual gifts you already have.

Something you should know about spiritual gifts… thy are not for your benfit. It's the thing that you do that helps other people. What are those spiritual gifts that you have  that you can use to bless other people?


2. H=Heart


What sets your soul on fire? What lights you up?

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What is the thing that you're most passionate about?

Because here's the reality. God doesn't give you impressions and passions that light you up that you wouldn't be good at. He's going to put certain things on your heart that you want to do.

For example, I have such a passion for music and  singing. That's something that was given to me and I don't think God would have given me the voice that I have, for me to feel like I don't want to use it.

When I first came into the industry, I really developed a serious passion for just marketing. Learning online marketing and teaching people how to market, becoming a practitioner for that.

So really think about what is that for you. What are some things that light you up, that excite you?

Because that's the direction you want to go in, not the direction everybody else is going in.  You have to remember, we all have different passions.

If we all had the same passion, life would be boring. And not everything would get done.  So make a list.

What sets your soul on fire?



3. A=Abilities


The third thing that a is your abilities.

  • What comes natural to you?
  • What are some skills that come natural to you?

It can even be be silly things like, do you know how to roll your  tongue or make a taco tongue? I can't

I can't wiggle my ears either…

But on a serious note, think of some skills you have, hobbies and interests that you enjoy.

Here are some of my own personal examples… 

Something that came very natural to me when I was little was roller skating. I grew up on the rink and, and now I'm teaching my daughter how to ice skate. Um, other things that came  natural to me before getting back into this industry, I was going to school for reporting school and that was something that came very natural to me.

It came natural to me. For some people, they really have to work hard at that.

Now school I was not really much on book smarts, I had a lot of common sense, but I really didn't like school that much. I had to study hard. My sister on the other hand  she could never study and pass a test. School just came natural to her.

What are some things that are some natural abilities for you that you could be using to bless other people right now?


In my business, something that comes natural to me is email marketing. I love writing. If you're on my newsletter, you see I write emails all the time and I'm actually teaching other people how to do that inside of a seven day list building experience.

Maybe for you it's… 

  • Graphics
  • Blogging
  • Speaking
  • Typing
  • Writing
  • Coaching
  • Sales
  • Networking
  • Good at make-up
  • Knowledgeable In Health


Think of the things that just come natural to you that you are not using, that you're missing out on, that you could be monetizing, that you could be passing those abilities on and using that as a service to help other people.


4. P= Personality


How are you wired?

This was a huge one for me because I'll tell you, I love hanging out with people and going out and having a good time, but it's not a requirement for me to feel energized.

I'm kind of a home body. I'm what you call an outgoing introvert. I don't need the two feed off of other people.  I have friends that need to hang and be around peeps all the time or they  go crazy. I'm not that person.

So certain things that are told to do in this industry, I don't resonate with as much. I believe we need to learn how to do them, but then take the concept and make it your own. Certain things don't jive with m business model  because my personality does not work that way.

The same goes for you!


This took me a while to grasp so pay attention.

I really had to let go of the idea of being up in people's inboxes all day every day. That gives me nothing but anxiety and if I did that all day i'd be drained. I wouldn't be working in my desire zone.

When I read magnetic sponsoring, by Mike Dillard, I really got some validation on that because he had kind of said the same thing.  Telling someone to prospect all day everyday when they're an introvert and they really don't want to talk to people all day long is gonna be a challenge for some to duplicate.

Does that mean they can't build a business? No, it just means they have to find another model. So that really, really resonated with me and from that point on I really sought out what was gonna be the best strategies that would work for me?

Ask yourself… 

What is the way that I can help other people that are like me, that have the same type of personality? 

You want to build a business that you will be consistent with and do the activities that line up with your personality. You will do the activities that you need to do over and over because you like them. This is when results show… Click To Tweet


This is what my Turn Purpose to Profit Community is really all about. Helping people develop a business that they'll fall in love with.

What does your dream business model look like for you?

Because here's something I've realized…

How you build your business is pretty much how you're gonna run it unless you do something drastic later to change it, but by that time it's gonna take so much legwork to make the change if you didn't that process in the beginning. It's a harder transition.

I always loved teaching people the short game and the long game when building their business because eventually the short game gets exhausting.

I did short game for years and it got very tiring and now I really focus more on my long game because I want true time freedom.

I want to show people real time freedom in their business so that they don't have to be a running themselves into the ground.

They can be present when they're with their family. They can actually go out and enjoy life and live it and not be thinking, “oh my gosh, I have all these things on my to do list that need to get done.” because that gets super exhausting.

Really be thinking about what activities line up with your personality.

If they don't, find the one's that do.


E= Experiences


What experiences have you had? What experience do you have?

Any experiences you've had? Good or bad? They shape you.

The people that you hang out with, the classes that you took in school, the way you were raised, the teachers you had. All those things make up part of your SHAPE.

Even the bad stuff.

Sometimes life's bad situations turn out to be such a blessing because it leads you to your next chapter of what you're meant to be doing. Jen Johnson Click To Tweet


Sometimes God uses life's crappy situations and poopie cards that were dealt to make a shift, to move us into a different place to protect us from something bad that could have been happening or to just give us a swift kick in the pants to say, hey, look, it's sink or swim.It's fight or flight, it's time to get going and this is the direction that you need to be going in now.

Here's the thing about humans. When you think of architecture, for example. When someone wants to build something, they say “Tell me what you want to use it for and i'll form it that way for you.” But humans don't work that way.

In architecture form follows function, but with humans it's the complete opposite function follows form.

You need to figure out how you're formed and use that. God created you and now you need to figure out how you function.

How does your brain, mind, personality, all these parts work together? And how do I use them for the good of why I was designed, why I personally was created because nobody else out there is like you.


Don't be trying to do what everybody else is doing. You be you booboo! Be Your unique self so that way you can go out there and do the things that you were specifically designed to do because if you're not doing that, you're cheating yourself and you're cheating those that you could be blessing in the process.

This is why there is no need to compare.

If you're constantly comparing and complaining about things you don't like about yourself, and if you're constantly competing with other people, you are going to be leading a frustrated life. Click To Tweet

I'm just telling you right now, because you'll feel you're never living up to your own expectation and it's going to constantly make you feel bad.

Accept how you've been shaped. You've been given gifts that a lot of other people don't have.

Can you imagine if we didn't have any doctors because they didn't want to use those abilities? We would all be in a world of trouble without the emergency room or without surgeons… that's a gift.

Can you imagine if, if Dr.'s never took that route because they were too busy trying to be someone else? We would be in a world of hurt.

So you need to take some time to figure this out, figure out the things that you are meant to be doing because you are shaped to make a difference. Shaped to make an incredible impact.


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