I got my glasses on so you know this is serious! It's time to light a fire under your booty and take your business to that next level.

There are so many things we “think” we are doing. We think we are taking action, we think we are getting the work done. We are all guilty of blaming time, our kids, life… ya know it get's in the way sometimes. That's the story we like to make up anyway.

The reality is…We say were are doing enough, but let's really evaluate that shall we? It's interesting that people struggle so much with consistency in their business, but not in their daily lives. You shower, you brush your teeth, you do your laundry, you eat… at least I hope you do all those things.

Without fail you are capable of being consistent because you do have a routine. Your routine in your business needs to be the same.



it's time to get your crap together, buckle down and make time for your business.

You have the time you are just not spending it wisely… yes I am going tough love today. You'll thank me later.

So let me ask you… do you honestly think you are doing everything you need to be doing on a daily basis in your business… meaning consistently like clockwork? It's not the amount of things you need to be doing …there's really only a few. It's just a matter of magnifying the few things that you are doing and increasing the intensity of each activity.

So let me share with you 5 ways to get insanely proactive building your business online organically.


1. You Need To Get Very Clear On What You Do


If you are going to be successful in anything the first thing you need to do is know what you're doing. You can't be running around trying this and check out that and dabbling in so many things. By day you are a social media strategist and by night you are a beauty enthusiast. It's not only going to confuse your audience…it's confusing you!

So if you're not clear on how you help your audience, how do you expect your audience to be clear on how you help them? I get it… you're ambitious. Me too! But one reason why people struggle with content is because they are trying to come up with a bunch of different topics, on different subjects, for different markets.

It makes it hard for any audience to identify with you on a certain topic because you're trying to serve everyone instead of a specific crowd.

It's all about finding products and services that solve peoples problems, yes. There are tons of solutions, but there is only one you so focus on helping one market to start. I have only seen a handful of people break out and be able to serve multiple markets at once and I can promise you they didn't start out doing that.



This doesn't mean that if you are in a network marketing company that you can't serve people from a product and business standpoint. You definitely can, but how you attract them is through being known for something specific and then offering them more details on the back end.

You don't need to be the jack of all trades on the front end to build your team or your business. Jen Johnson Click To Tweet

Focus on what you love and what you're good at. Think long term. Do you see yourself serving your specific market regardless of the company or products you currently offer?

Let me put it to you this way. If you were going into surgery you would not want the guy who made your dinner the night before performing your operation? Not so much. He has skills for cooking up a find meal, but is definitely not your go to for going under the knife.

Become insanely good and getting results in a certain market, become the “go to” in that space and deliver those results to your audience above and beyond what your competitors are doing.

Once you get clear you can start focusing on learning more and more on that topic and get inspired to create crazy good content in that arena.


2. Have More Conversations


Are you having more that 5 conversation a day? Be honest.

If you haven't noticed yet, not everyone you talk to is going to be interested in what you offer. You can definitely create more interest when you gain that clarity and start reeling it in on that specific niche, but even so not everyone will say yes.

Because of that you need to talk to ton of people. If you want to have at least 5 quality conversations per day you need to reach out to 10-20 peeps and if you really want to go gangbusters message 50! it's all about compressing time.

You have to go through the numbers (yes in a sense it is a numbers game) when you are proactively reaching out, but you still want to have quality conversations and build solid relationships. It's kind of like doing a photoshoot. You take hundreds of pictures, but only a handful come out looking good. You're conversations are a lot like that.

The more conversations you can strike up the better chance you have of finding good quality peeps you want to roll with. This doesn't have to be rocket science, you don't need a script you just need to take interest in people. Say “Hello” and take notice of something they are up to. They are posting what they are up to all over their page. Strike up conversation about it.

The conversation will lead where it's meant to lead when you are just being normal and being genuine. If you truly have something that can help peeps, you don't need to feel awkward eventually bringing it up. Or better yet sparking curiosity in the conversation so they ask about it. That makes it way easier to bring it up…because they asked!

The way to control the results you want is by measuring the action you take. Jen Johnson Click To Tweet

Here's A Tip: To better focus on your goals focus on action based goals not results based goals. You can't control how many sales you make, how many leads you generate, how many sign ups you get. You can only control the activity that brings those results to you.

So don't set a “I want to sign up 10 people this month” goal. Set a “I'm going to present to100 People this month” goal”. Don't set a “I'm going to sell 8 skin care kits this month” goal. Set a “I'm going to share this kit with 80 people this month goal.


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3. Click Unfollow


Stay with me on this. It may sound mean, but it's not. Do you ever feel like you are seeing the same people in your newsfeed over and over and over and over again? Well that's because you are!

So how do you change that? Start unfollowing them. I know I know… they are your friends, your team members, customers, I get it. I am not saying to UNFRIEND them. Just Unfollow them for a little bit. You can circle back to them later. Or better yet, but them in a Facebook list so you can still go check out there stuff.

You need to show facebook that you are looking to see new peeps in your feed. The way to do that is to tell facebook that by unfollowing people. Because here is the dealio, Facebook can only show you so much stuff at one time. That's how it works. So if you wanna see new stuff you have to purge and make room.

Start connecting with old or existing friends. You will never run out of people to talk to if you are always making new friends and always re-connecting with existing friends. Some of your existing friends haven't seen what you are up in the past year or two.

So go spark up those relationships that you made and it will be less work because you already know each other. Allow them to see what your up to (with all the awesome content you are putting out) they might just actually reach out and take interest.


 4. Use Facebook “My Day”


Gotta love that facebook is always adding new stuff. Something you may have noticed by now is the “my day” feature at the top of the newsfeed you can add stories, pics and videos. You can also view other peoples stories.

The cool thing about this is that it allows you to get more transparent with your audience as well as more interactive. Now days (at the present time of this article) you don't want to be posting as much on your news feed. If you are an algorithm lover you'll want to make sure to space out your posts.



Remember Facebook can only show so much at one time. So don't dish out a ton of posts and make your posts strategic. With my day you can really just post whatever and interact over there with other peeps stuff. It's pretty much a snap chat vibe.

For Example: When you post that you're going live in 10 minutes you are actually hurting the reach of your live because not that public announcement post is competing with the live you are about to do. 


5. “But When Do I Bring Up Business?”


This is the big whopper right? You don't want this to be an awkward first date scenario. Be a human, take an interest in the peeps you are meeting.

Honestly, I don't have to bring up business. My prospects do. When you start focusing on proactive and passive marketing strategies together that's what happens. Let me explain.

Also remember your timeline will do a lot of the work for you if you put out some awesome content that people want to soak up- Jen Johnson Click To Tweet


Proactively connecting is half the battle you need to get your passive marketing game rockin' too.


I aways relate attracting my tribe and getting them to bring up business to having a party.

You want to throw a party so you pass out flyers (this is where you go engage and connect with peeps) but you know they are going to show up to your house (your house is your timeline) so you are going to have your house set up for the party right?

You'll have the drinks, food, music, the house is clean maybe you even get it catered. If you were to throw a party and not set it up, do you think people would want to come hand and stick around? Negative.

Your timeline is the same way. You need to be posting things that make people want to stick around, hangout and get to know you more, love you more and then buy from you more.

This makes having conversations and talking business so much easier. Why?

Because I can literally ask someone how they are doing and they will tell me everything! They will break down and share their biggest struggles and challenges because they believe I can help them just based off what I have been posting.

You no longer have to pull teeth.

I don't know about you, but I am not a dentist so I don't pull teeth, I don't convince I just reach out and let people know I am here to help.- Jen Johnson Click To Tweet

I will help them personally or connect them to someone who can help them if I don't have what they need. That's what true networkers do.

In conclusion…


If you are looking to step up your proactive game then you just need to start taking bigger action.

You don't need to do more stuff. Just get clear on who you serve, start more conversations so you actually have some with a handful of peeps each day, unfollow those who are taking up too much real estate in your newsfeed, start having fun on my day, and start conversations and lead people to bring up the business so you don't have to.

It doesn't have to be complicated and this can truly all be done in a couple hours a day. Make a commitment to spend time on your business each and every day and you will thank yourself for it.


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