I remember when I made the transition to building my business online and wanted to truly learn the ropes when in came to marketing. Sure I need to meet and talk to people, make a list and do presentations.

Little did I know there are so many options when it comes to building a business you love. There are tons of different tools, softwares and resources you can use to expedite, be more efficient and not feel like you're grinding your face off 24/7.

I could literally write a book on all the different options out there, but today I am just going to share with you The 7 Effective Marketing Tools To Help You Build & Grow Your Online Business.

These are the main one's I would highly suggest getting started with so you can level up an start marketing like a pro.



1. Email Marketing


I've said it a thousand times and I'll say it again, building your email list should be at the top of your list!

All roads in marketing lead to the main goal of inviting people to your list a.k.a. newsletter. This is where can build relationships, keep your tribe in the loop, share all your content, promotions, products and services.

But in order to have your voice be heard in the email world you need a little tool that will allow you to email all your subscribers. That's where Aweber comes in.


2. Your All Inclusive Marketing Hub


This Community i'm gonna tell you about is literally the number one system in my book. It changed the game for me in 2016.

If you want to learn straight up marketing, how acquire the necessary skills for whatever business you are trying to build, learn the exact strategies that have been proven by top earners that paved the way, you need to get inside of  My Lead System Pro. 

It's everything you need under one roof at a fraction of the cost. Here's a little taste for ya!

As you can see, any strategy you want to learn is covered…and there is much much more!

Plus you have access to amazing tools to create funnels, set up an entire drag and drop word press blog and track all your prospects with an amazing customer relationship manager.

You can truly custom design how you build your business and connect with other marketers inside of the community who are incredible to

partner up with. It's where I met my besties and also built my marketing chops.

You can even take a $10 trial to see the inside and what it's all about. I'd be happy to give you a tour if you decide to do so.


3. Graphic Design & Creation


If you are like me and love to create and design your own images you can have a field day with this using two simple tools.



I like having the option to create from my phone or computer. When it comes to the computer I suggest using Canva.com. I do actually use the paid version of canva, but the free version works just as well. You just get a few more options with the paid version.

Now when it comes to creating graphics on my phone I use wordswag all the way. Wordswag is a paid app, but it's less expensive than a mocha frapp at starbucks.

There are tons of apps on the phone that you can play around with. These are just the main ones I use.


4. Webinars & Presentations


Now you know if you want to make sales, the goal is to present your products and services on a daily basis. That is if you are a one on one type of person.

The good news is we live in a day and age where the typical one-on-one coffee shop meetings, home parties and prospecting our faces off all day is no longer the only option.

If you want to make the best use of your time and still be able to impact people on the daily, you can do that with zoom. 

With zoom you can do one on one's, group chats, team meetings and my personal favorite…webinars!

Now you are presenting in bulk and bringing the group house party online. Isn't that so beautiful!

You can present to a group of prospects in your P.J.'s if you really wanted to.

Not sure how to present or even go about putting on a successful webinar? ….Well I got you covered there homie.

This is where my friend Kate Mcshae's 60 Minute Enollment Method comes in handy. 

She will take you step by step through mapping out your entire sales presentation. Show you how to promote your webinar, what you should do once the presentation is over…and more!

Learn how to create a rapid spike in sales in just 60 minutes of your time vs. prospecting all day errrr day… even if you don't have a team or a list.


5. Sales Automation & Funnel Creation


I can't not tell you how important it is to be able to present your products and services even if you are not physically there to do it.

Having a way to automate in your business is truly what is going to create time freedom and a whole lotta stress relief in your life and business.

You don't have to be the most technical person in the world you just have to be resourceful and will to learn a few things so you can create simple ways to lead people to your products and services when they stumble upon you awesome content.

There is no better option (in my opinion) when it comes to creating opt-in pages, sales funnels or even your own courses and membership sites than Click Funnels.

It has quickly become one of my most favorite tools. And it is beyond use friendly!

If pitching, selling, and prospecting your face off all day long makes you wanna throw up in your mouth a little, than Click Funnels is definitely a path you want to explore.



I even have a 7 Day List Building Experience you can go through so you can get completely set up with Aweber & Click Funnels and get the two systems talking to each other. So there is no tech insecurity from the get go.

Once you have the two tools set up and are ready to move into the creation stage, you are officially a Funnel Boss and put into our Funnel Boss community where we teach more on Lead Magnets, List Building & Funnel Creation.


6. My Must Read Books


I am a total book worm. By that I mean obsessed.

There are a few books that are on my “Must Read” list and if I was starting from scratch or not sure what to learn first, these books would be the place to get crackin.'

Mike Dillard- ‘Magnetic Sponsoring' is literally the simplicity of attraction marketing at it's core. Understanding how to attract people through farming vs. chasing everyone down as a hunter. This book will change your entire perspective on how you should market.

Russel Brunson's ‘Expert Secrets' (creator of click funnels) has to be hands down one of the most brilliant books I have read. He will help you find your voice, give you confidence to start leading NOW, show you how to build a mass movement, create CULT-ure and community and turn your calling into a career.

Sidenote: He also has a second book called ‘Dotcom Secrets' that is just as good! Little bonus tip for ya.

And you can actually grab both of his books and just pay shipping! How cool is that??

If you are going to be rockin' on social media and creating content, you are gonna want to get with the times and lear how to create content that helps attract your tribe and allows you to socially sell. To learn more about this native style content there is none other that Gary Vaynerchuck's Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook to give you the content creation chops you need so you can be heard.


7. Planning & Organization


You know my green personality would not leave this one out.

One of the best tools ever invented is a little site called trello.com

This is perfect for creatives, planners and even the overwhelmed unorganized human that can't seem to get it together.

You can create custom boards, lists, schedule reminders and label your tasks. I do an in depth training on this as well as give you 3 Trello templates to help you get stared in this vlog post. 

This should give you a good starting point with getting your business off the ground and running in the right direction.

Take a look at what resonates with you and explore what you think would be the best starting place with where you are right now in your business. You don't have to be a guru to work with any of the tools and resources I listed.

There are honestly the tools I would suggest using even if you are a newbie!

Would love to hear where you land in the comments below and of course if you have any questions you can leave those below as well.


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