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It amazes me how many people I talk to on a daily basis who are building a business online, but are still writing down names in a journal or on a note pad.

You can't monetize your list if it's not online so you are again missing out on a big piece of what I call PROFIT PIE.

Building your biz online, but not your list online is like buying a car and never filling it with gas!

Your email list is the lifeline to your business and it will fill your bank account faster than you can imagine.

Just this last week alone I was able to bring 27 people into a master class I am doing just by sending out a few different emails.

So let's talk about it…

7 Tips to Build an Email List of Loyal Reps & Customers


1. Get Yo Self An Auto-Responder 

If you want to reach the masses, you need to have the tools to do it. There are so many different auto-responders out there you can use. Some free some you pay (very little) for. I personally love aweber it's easy to use, they have amazing customer services and it's very inexpensive and you can even try it free for 30 days. I'll ad a few more for you in the additional options below in the additional resources section.

2. Import Your List 

Pen and paper is great, but there is no leverage in writing names on a piece of paper. You need to grow an email list. Click To Tweet

If you have a list that you have created and people have handed you their email address and given you permission to send them updates, you need to be doing just that! Import your list into your auto-responder so you can start communicating with your list on a daily basis.

3. Start Inviting More People to Your List 

Not only can you communicate with them, you can add more and more people to your list and continue to communicate with them on the daily yo!

Living in the world of social media there are so many people you could be adding to your email list without you having to even add them. They can add themselves. Taking the heavy lifting off of you and as you talk to people let the know you have an awesome newsletter where you share valuable info they would more than likely be interested (because you are targeting the right audience) why would they not hop on it?

4. Create Some Freebies

Now to be able to grow your list you need to give people a reason to get on it. If you want more eyes, give people what they want. Maybe you create a training, free e-book or a printable that will give them some additional value. This positions you as an authority and when you slap that freemium on to an opt in page, people will gladly trade their email for your valuable freebie offer. This creates leverage and helps you generate leads in while you sleep!

Once they opt in you can continue to send them updated, current events and more valuable info…including products and services you suggest and recommend.  This builds rapport with your audience.

5. Do NOT Spam Your List!

Today it's all about social selling. Commercial advertising is for cavemen. You need to take building relationships with your potential business partners and customers seriously. Don't sign & dash, continue to offer them support and additional solutions to problems they may have.

If you develop good relationships that is when people will send you awesome referrals. Love sharing what your up to, what's going on in your world, give them tips, additional resources and free information that relate to your business, product or service.

That way when you do have something to offer that they need to pull out their wallet for it doesn't seem weird, slimy or spammy. You can make suggestions and recommendations all the time as long as you are mixing it up.

6. Be Consistent With Your Communication

There is a reason when you sign up for any type of service they ask for your e-mail address. From the moment you sign up they are now going to continue to deliver updates and info to you until you tell them to stop. Why should your business be any different?

People need to see things multiple times before making a buying decision and if you are not continuing to water the seeds you plant, it's going to be impossible for those seeds to sprout. Click To Tweet

Your list of 100 friends and family members needs to grow into thousands and you can't possibly one by one continue to follow up with so many people consistently. You will lose your marbles and your leads! So writing to your list allows you to stay in touch and let them know you're around and here to stay.

It keeps reminding them you have a solution to their problem. It puts you at the forefront of their mind because if you are not constantly dripping on them… you will be forgotten. Sad, but true.

Why? Because someone out there is going to get in front of them more frequently so you need to step it up!

And don't worry if no one is buying right away. You have to take time to let people warm up to you, know you, love you and trust you! Once they do, when you offer something they really want, they will buy it. Just love on the people on your list.

7. What Should You Write to Your List?

The best way to get ideas about what to write to your list is to subscribe to other peoples lists. Who in your market place has a newsletter you can jump on?

Get on it and start to study how they communicate with their viewers. Look at a few different people so you can get a feel for what style of writing you like. It will help get your juices flowing for concepts and ideas you can share with your audience.

Who do you know that needs to start building a list… help them get started by inviting them to these these strategies and help them take the leap!


Twist Your List (Email Course): My mentor Diane Hochman literally takes you step by step through the set up, concepts, strategies and thought process all behind growing a loyal email list.

This course literally will help you do a 180 with how you communicate with your list and will teach you so much about communication, which is your the #1 skill set you need!  Learn More

Auto-Responders: Here are a few auto-responders you can browse through to see which one is the best for for you.


Mail Chimp

Get Response 

Active Campaign 


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Something to think about: Is your audience or list growing as fast as you would like it to? Comment below with your thought and questions. I would love to hear from you!



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