All right, today we're doing some real talk. I

I'm so excited to share a strategy with you on How I generated 35 sales in 11 days without prospecting a single soul.

This my friend is so exciting because I don't know about you, but for me, when I think of time freedom, I don't think of spending all day errrrrr, day up in people's inboxes, sending message after message, just one on one.

I love creating leverage and I know if you want to create more time in your life to do the things that you love, you want to…

create more leverage in your business as well and being the attraction marketer that I am, I want to teach you my ways, so stick around because in this video I am going to reveal to you exactly how I accomplished this.

So I'm going to give you seven steps that I took to really start attracting people to me, getting people to raise their hand versus me having to hunt people down.


I love passive marketing. I like creating passive income, residual income, and I love all the strategies that really allow me to cast a wider net, impact more people and create results without me having to hunt people down one by one. Some people love to hunt…I prefer to fish!

So if that's you too, let me give you The 7 Step Attraction Marketing Formula to help you create this type of result and leverage in your business.


1. Create Your Offer


I had to look at all the different products and the services that I offer and think, what do I want to focus on as far as delivering a solution to my audience?

So that's exactly what I want you to do. Write down all of the different products and services that you have as an offer and I want you to pick one to focus on.

This is the offer you will be creating content around to drive your audiences attention to.  Each product you have in your catalogue you can create an offer around. Often times we don't focus our efforts towards one specific thing we would like to promote to generate revenue… but we're gonna change that today.


2. Survey Your Audience


I love to survey my audience. It's really important that you keep your audience in the loop and get their feedback to make sure that what you're about to create, what you're about to present, what you're about to promote is something that they actually want.

At this point you should already be building an audience that is wanting the products and services that you offer.

They love the content that you create, but again, you always want to make them part of the process and make them feel a part of that journey with you and let them make some decisions on the type of content that you're creating.

Because after all, they are your viewers and potential customers and clients.



Just go into that community or on your social media platforms and just ask, Hey, I'm thinking of doing this (fill in the blank) who's interested? See what kind of feedback you get.

You should already have an idea of what your audience wants you to create content around, but you want to see how many people are truly interested.

There's times where you might say something and you get complete crickets and you would think, oh my gosh, I totally thought my audience wanted this, but it turns out they're looking for something else right now.

You can even create a poll to give them a few different suggestions to choose from.


3. How Will You Deliver The Content?


There's lots of ways to deliver the content you want to deliver that will lead people to your offer.

  • An E-Book 
  • Webinar
  • Video Series
  • Challenge

What way do you want to be communicating the content on the front end to your audience so that way when the time comes towards the end of whatever that presentation looks like, you can deliver that solution on the back end.

I'll tell you, all of these ways work and there's so many other ways as well, but you just have to pick how are you going to communicate this actual content and information that you're going to be creating on the front end.

Decide which way works best for you to be communicating with your audience.


Meet my girl, Lisa Torres, who has mastered the art of selling in bulk through creating facebook challenges. She's going to share with you How She Enrolled 31+ Members In One Weekend With A Simple Facebook Challenge Group!



4. Create Front End Content That Leads To Your Offer


Now that you know which way you want to deliver the content you need to map out what that content looks like.

This is free content that is very valuable, giving extra juicy nuggets, tips and hacks you want to deliver on the front end because this builds trust.

Your free content that you put out on social should always lead people to what you want them to do next. 

It builds a bond. showing your audience that you know what you're talking about, and then people start to trust the solutions that you're going to lead them to

First figure out how you want to create that content.  (This was step 3)

And then you need to come up with those actual content pieces that will lead to the solution that you have created as your offer.


5. Promote Your Front End Content!


This is the step so many skip!  You need to promote the heck out of the content on the front end because that is the content that is going to invite people to check out that solution.

Don't forget to promote all the different social media platforms that you could be promoting on. You could be doing it via email, via many chat, running facebook ads, come up with your promotion strategy and really figure out what are the ways that I can go out and get this in front of as many eyeballs that care to see it.

That way you have all the humans coming towards you that would love to gobble up all of the offers that you're creating.

Creating content without telling people what to do next is like watching a preview to a movie you can't go see. -Jen Johnson Click To Tweet


I don't know if you noticed, but we're really building this offer backwards. We're thinking of the offer and then we're coming up with the way we went and deliver it. Then we're coming up with the content on the front end.

I know a lot of people who think “I just have to create content on the front end.”, but really those need to be intentional and you need to figure out, “Okay, where am I leading people?” And that's why we reverse engineer this process.


6. Deliver the solution


Think about this. If you go to a Webinar, it's always free content on the front end, but you know at the end of that Webinar, someone's offering up something.

They're always delivering the offer at the end of the series. So whether it's a challenge, a video series or a Webinar, the process is always the same.

You're always going to deliver the free value and then create the solution on the back end.

Note: If you leave this step out you will be leaving your profits on the table and your potential prospects will go buy from someone else. You've been warned my friend. 🙂


7. Create A Sense Of Urgency


People will always take action when they know something is about to go away.

So I really strongly encourage you to really think about how you're going to create that urgency.

Maybe the cart is only open for a few days, or maybe you're only allowing so many people to participate.

Whatever that looks like… you always want to create a sense of urgency because people will take action when there's only a limited time. If you don't believe me, go watch the home shopping network tonight and let's see how that works out for you.



We're all guilty of knowing that when something's about to go away we will tend to take action because we don't want to miss out.

It's the fear of missing out…FOMO.  So make sure you're including that sense of urgency on the back end when you've presented your offer that is only available to either so many people are for a certain period of time.

And at this point, if you're thinking, “Jen, what the heck is attraction marketing? I'm still trying to figure that part out.”

Check out my blog post “How to build your business on social media, practicing attraction marketing” so we can dive deeper into what the heck attraction marketing is.


Final thoughts…


I would love to hear your takeaway or Aha moment from this blog post. Definitely leave those below because I love to get in conversation with you.

If passive marketing is your jam, you love this style, you want to dive deeper into attraction marketing. I definitely want to invite you to check out my turn purpose to profit mastermind inner circle where I dive really deep into the tools, the systems, and the strategies that you need to build a profitable business, creating this type of leverage.

Whether you're sitting at your computer, hanging out with your family or you're doing something fun with your friends. That is the true lifestyle freedom I would love to help you create my friend so until next time, God bless!


Meet my girl, Lisa Torres, who has mastered the art of selling in bulk through creating facebook challenges. She's going to share with you How She Enrolled 31+ Members In One Weekend With A Simple Facebook Challenge Group!



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