If you are building a business on the inter webs and you feel it's dying a slow cold death, listen up! It took me 12 years of pain and struggle before I was introduced to the beautiful concept known as attraction marketing.

Then it took me another year or so to really get a grasp on it. After over a decade I started to turn around the “hot mess marketing” approach I had been using for so many years. So there is hope for you! 


What Is Attraction Marketing Anyway?


My Attraction Marketing Definition: A concept that marketers take time to learn and apply so they start to build a business that attracts loyal life long customers, deliver products and services to them without projectile vomiting all over them in the process. 

Well let's break it down and first talk about Attraction.


Attraction Is Chemical…

When you think of this in terms of dating, guy walks into a bar, guy sees girl, he is instantly attracted to her, it's an instant chemical reaction. Now when you put yourself out there in a real authentic way people are naturally going to be drawn to you for many different reasons.

It could be because you are a mom, you are heavily into sports, you sing (like me), you are incredibly knowledgeable or skilled in a certain area.

No matter what it is, if you don't put yourself out there (like the girl in the bar who slapped on some lipstick, black dress and high heels) it's going to be very hard for someone to have that chemical reaction. Keep it classy of course 🙂

Now marketing is not pushing your products into peoples faces until you run out of prospects, find yourself friendless and possibly homeless because your family has written you off and made you change your last name.

I'm sure mine thought about that at some point during my years of failure and desperation. 

You have to give your audience an experience. Out with the old in your face ads and in with the native content.


What Is Marketing?

Marketing is preparing people to buy FROM YOU. Realize you can have multiple streams of income, (Affiliate marketing, mlm, write a book, e-commerce, etc.) and it all falls under YOU INC.

The best part is you are preparing people who were already planning on buying what you have to offer. If you're doing it right.


Reality Check! Your Product is NOT one of a kind! 

Yes it's true. There are several competing products and distributors out there and their products are very easy to get a hold of. You have to ask yourself  “Why should they buy from me?”.”What do I have to offer that my competitors don't?”

Wouldn't it be nice to just have a slough of emails and messages from people telling you “Hey! I need to pick up some of that stuff you're selling.” or “Hey! Tell me more about what you do, I'm looking for a way to make some extra cash.”


There is no need to struggle, buy leads, cold call and bum rush every person that has a face and show your product right in their kisser! Too many people fail in this industry because they have yet to grasp this concept.

The good news is you came across this article and I am going to help you have a big fat ah-ha moment. Help you learn how to start using the principles of attraction marketing to build a business that actually turns profit. 

No matter what type of business you have, if it has anything to do with acquiring customers or dealing with people, you need to understand how they operate. What makes them tick?

Let's dive in to how to use attraction marketing. 

First things first… 


1. Why Build A Personal Brand?



It's time to get clear on YOU!

In order to attract people, people need to know who you are to determine if they are attracted to you long before they determine whether or not they want to whip out their wallet and fork over their credit card to you.

Now building a brand is truly a whole other topic, but let me give you a little exercise to help you start unlocking some ways to define your personal brand.



Let's do a little brainstorming right now…

This is important stuff because you want to begin to create killer brand awareness. 

List 5 things that people should know about you:

  • What are you most passionate about?
  • Anything particular you are skilled at?
  • Do you have any hobbies?
  • What kind of lifestyle to you lead?
  • Are you familiar with the benefits of the products and services do you offer?
  • You are the “go to” for what?
  • What problem or challenge does your product or service solve?
  • Give them a reason to know LOVE and trust you.
  • Share more than what products you offer.
  • People will relate with you on all different types of levels and you will attract them in many different ways. 

Side note: Whatever you choose, realize this doesn't have to be permanent. As you grow and you develop more skills or maybe add additional income streams,  you can tap into new areas of serving others.

“In order to attract people, you will repel people. It's OK!”

You won't be everyone's cup of tea, but not everyone likes tea...some prefer coffee. 🙂 Click To Tweet

What's the point of building a “You Brand?” 

Glad you asked! The marketing world is not what is used to be. Everything is moving toward social selling and creating native content. Plus when you create a brand you become likable, you become the authority and people are more likely to whip out the AMEX and hand it over. 


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2. Build Your Perfect Audience & Speak Their Language


When you try to sell to everyone, you end up selling to no one. It's too broad and a lot of times your products cater to a certain type of person.

Now, I'm not one to make people sit down draw out an avatar and give it a name, but you wanna have a good idea of who would be interested in your product so you don't spin your wheels trying to sell a steak to a vegan. You need speak their language and create content and value they will relate to.

Plus! You need to speak to their pain. In order to offer a solution to a prospect  you have to actually be aware of the problem and then remind them of it! If you show you know how to solve their specific problems better than they do they will be forced to listen. People are always on the hunt for solutions A.K.A your product or service. 

Remember, it's not your product customers are after, it's the benefit that your product offers them. Click To Tweet

You need to identify the type of people would be most likely to buy your products and then identify where those people hang out. As I mentioned (yes, I am going to dwell this into your brain) marketing is about preparing people to buy, but it's easier to sell to the people who were already planning on buying anyway.

Who Is Your Dream Business Partner?

If you are in network marketing, you are selling products and building a team. Customers and team members can be two very different demographics. Not every customer would be an ideal business partner. 

I always suggest figuring out what market your would like to target, then choosing a product to cater to the market…NOT the other way around. You can end up pigeon holing yourself. 

Start doing some research on their biggest challenges and struggles. 

Your perfect avatar is going to be a lot like you. That's why they are attracted to you and that's why you need to build a YOU brand. Click To Tweet

Here's what I know: 99.9% of the time when people buy, they are making an emotional decision. Think of the home shopping network. What is the first thing they tackle in those infomercials? Your pain! They are tugging on the heart strings yo!

The women struggling to shave in the shower, the grill being a pain in the wazoo to clean, the blender exploding all over the kitchen. They know what you are sick and tired of and they have created a better solution to put your misery to an end. 

You need to bring your buyers problems to the surface…and maybe even add a little salt to the womb. They need to be reminded of the pain so they they are compelled to buy. Don't worry, you won't leave them hanging in agony and they always thank you later. 🙂


3. Create More Authority & Get More Eyeballs On You


So often when people start their business they are so money hungry they forget to keep the cart behind the horse. Yes, you want to get your business into profit, but you more than likely need to lay some ground work. Have patience grasshopper. Business will boom, but first it must BLOOM.



Let's Pour The Slab Right Now… 

Now before you open the doors to any business, you want to make sure when people enter they like what they see. You also want to make sure everything is visible. I am going to show you how to set up your social media profile “like a boss” to ensure that your prospects and potential buyers have an awesome experience the second they hit your timeline. 


In this video I will do some over the shoulder set up with you so you can open the doors to your facebook profile with confidence and look like a pro!



4. Create Juicy Content To Attract The Right Audience


Jen, I keep hearing people say create content…what qualifies as content? Let's Talk About It…



Content is what prepares your audience to buy what you have to sell. It allows you to deliver valuable information to them, solve some issues they may be having (with no obligation to buy). It helps your audience see you as a trusted advisor and gives you the chance to invite them to take a closer look at a product or solution that they now realize they want or need.

Let's go back to HSN… do you ever see a infomercial that just shows you a picture of the product that says “BUY THIS NOW!”?

Of course not… they show you all the pain and suffering you are going through NOT having the product. They realize they need to get you into a buying state of mind. 

Start Creating content that empowers, entertains and educates your audience on their specific challenges or needs will always grab their attention. If you don't grab their attention first, making the sale is completely off the table.

Let your audience know that you have their best interest at heart.  Show them you know what you're talking about when it comes to helping them solve their biggest challenges, pains and struggles. 

  • This builds trust
  • Shows you are an authority in the arena 
  • Shows you care about their needs not just making a buck

Posting 2-3 times a day is NOT enough. You must get out there and connect with people, build real relationships and make your audience feel like they know you.


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Now There Are Two Sides To The Marketing Coin…


1.You must always create a passive marketing strategy (videos, emails, posts etc.)

2.You have to get proactive (chat, follow up, meet new people and make new connections) 


Both go hand in hand and both require consistency. They feed off of each other. 

When creating content you want to be intentional. Post thing you know your audience will find valuable, entertaining, inspiring TO THEM. Often times on facebook people post things that are self gratifying. Trust me when I had my first kid, my profile was a full on baby photo album.

For some reason I felt people wanted to see as many pictures and videos of my kid as I did. That can't be the mentality when you are trying to speak to an audience that you want to move towards buying your stuff.

5. How To Launch Your Business & Make Heads Turn (Attract!)


I'm gonna keep this real simple. It all goes back to creating compelling content. If you are looking to launch your business…then ya gotta LAUNCH IT.

You need to let people know you are up to something, but you don't have to tell them all the juicy details. Like the company name for example…leave that part out! Make them ask you, raise their hand and say “Yes! I want more info.”.

You just share what you're up to, why you decided to do it and then invite people to check it out if you are speaking their language. 


This is an example of a launch video I did so you can see if first hand…



I highly suggest you do your launch videos quarterly.

If you are meeting new people, building your audience and gaining new eyeballs then you want to keep your audience on the up and an up that you are always hiring!


6. How To Promote Your Products Without Being “That Guy” (Attract!)

You know what guy i'm talking about. The one that your family wishes they could disown, your friends start to block on facebook and all the sudden you are flying solo on the weekends because people can't stand your commission breath! 

Think about this. How can you share info about your products, be informative, but still raise awareness and curiosity at the same time? 


Let Me Show You In This Example Below…


Just be sure you know what you want to talk about.

Map it out your video idea or content piece with bullet points or notes ahead of time. This helps you stay on track and not lose focus or go off on random tangents. 

Share the benefits of what your product has to offer and how it has helped you. People don't want to know the science so much.

Answer the frequently asked questions you get and give them your personal experience.

Then invite them to try it… pretty simple right? 


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Did this rock your marketing world? If so, share with your team or audience so you can be the one to introduce the power of attraction marketing to them.


What are some of your favorite ways you go about using the power of attraction marketing? Make sure you join in on the conversation in the comments below and share your tips and strategies. I'd love to hear from you!

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