You have business, you have a product, but where are the people?

Today I am going to share with you how to KNOW YOUR VIBE & ATTRACT YOUR TRIBE.

I used to what would this hardcore. Wondering who do I serve and where do I find them?  I know they're on social media, but where exactly are they hanging out?

Can someone please throw me a bone?

It can be really confusing because…

maybe there's a lot of different things that you're interested in creating offers around, but they're not all necessarily in the same niche market and it's you feel a little all over the place, right?

Here's the thing, you have got to pick a lane & stay in it.  If you pivoy it later on, that's totally cool, but you really have to get clear on who it is you help in, how you help them. Let's dive into the tips…


1.Create Self-Awareness


I know people love talking about writing out your Avatar and putting their personality and I totally get it. Let me make this really easy for you. Your Avatar is a lot like you!

I know that we can have a whole spread out day of like really brainstorming what magazines they read and where do they shop and all this stuff, but by sharing what you like you will attract others who have those same common interests.

Example: Today I did a post because let me tell you how excited I am that the chestnut praline latte is back at starbucks right now. Can we talk about it and guess what?

The people who were so excited about the chestnut praline latte coming back came out of the woodwork and was commenting and sharing their enthusiasm and how much they love it and some people get half pumps and some people add extra and then they put the whipped cream.

We were able to get in conversation about this because we have a common interest, so if you just talk about things that you love that you like, your avatar is going to totally vibe with you, so we need to create some self awareness so we can actually talk about the things that we love.

  • Are you happy? 
  • Joyful?
  • Negative or a pessimist?
  • Do you love chestnut lattes?
  • What do you like?
  • Are you creative?
  • What magazines do you read?


Talk about those things because you're going to attract people that are a lot like you.

Now, keep in mind, you want to really be aware of the negative stuff because you will attract people that are negative.


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2. What problems do you solve for your tribe?


People are going to connect with you for a lot of different reasons, but ultimately they need to know what your the Go to for. Some people connect with me because I'm a mom, wife, christian, I'm a singer.

They know that I love coffee!

They know all these things about me and if you put yourself out there, they're going to know all these things about you too, but ultimately they need to know what you're the Go to for.  How you help them.

They need to know what problem of theirs do you ultimately solve. If you are not clear on this, you're going to have a very hard time attracting your tribe, so I want to encourage you to get crystal clear on how you help people. Pick a lane, stay in it.

After a while if you're not really feeling the direction you're going in, you can pivot, but it's important that you become the go to for something specific.

You don't want to be the Jack of all trades, master of none. It's not a good look. It's not a good strategy and it's going to make you and your tribe very confused.-Jen Johnson Click To Tweet

That's when the frustration of not building a tribe sets in.

Now, I as a songwriter, tend to like to be cheeky and clever in the way that I communicate with my audience, but let me just let you in on a little secret.

Clarity trumps all. You need to be crystal clear, very to the point in how you help and serve people. If you're trying to be clever, if you're trying to be cheeky, that's huge, but honestly people are going to scratch their heads going, so okay, wait, what? What do you do exactly?

Look, if you're trying to catch a mouse, you're going to put out some cheese right now. Granted, we don't want to turn all of our tribes and loyals into actual victims here. We want to attract them towards us, so we want to give them what they're looking for.

So we want to solve their problems, create solutions to their challenges, and really do some due diligence and look into what they struggle with most and how can we provide for that.


So what kind of results are you looking to help your audience get?

  • Is it losing weight?
  • Helping them to be able to afford to travel more frequently?
  • Are you providing them with a specific strategy or a solution?
  • Maybe they want to become a really good copywriter, or are ready to learn to style people virtually.


Whatever that is, you need to know how you help them solve their problems and they need to know that you're the go to for that thing.


3. Find Leaders Who Have Built Your Dream Audience


Which leaders do you see out there crushing it thinking, oh my gosh, they have my dream tribe.

They've built this amazing audience that I wish I had.  There are leaders out there who are dominating in a space that you probably want to tap into and you can go connect with those leaders, get involved in their communities.

Start connecting and networking, offering your guidance, tips and expertise.

Let me tell you something. As someone who actually runs a FREE PRIVATE FB COMMUNITY, it's really awesome to have other people in there contributing and creating content.  Providing insight and engaging with the others that are inside of that community.

We want to create culture and community, and there's no other way to do that.

No one's going to think, “oh my gosh, this person's in here trying to steal all my people!”. Be classy and don't do weird shady stuff and you'll be fine. You just want to go in there and literally meet New People and network.

Answer questions and and contribute to conversation. This is going to create more awareness about you and who you are and some of the people in these other communities may really be looking for you. They may resonate with you more!

This is how we all help make our beautiful world online go round .



Here's the reality, we're the average of the five people that we spend most of our time with, right?

So what leaders, friends & collaborators are out there that you should be connecting with so that you can not only build strong relationships with them, but also within their community and their networks?

Something to think about. If you had a day where you can sit with five leaders at a round table and ask them anything you wanted to and you wanted to pick their brains, who would those people be?

More than likely those are people that hold the audience that you would probably want to start connecting with and here's a little bonus tip for you. Study them, study what they do steady, how they interact with their groups, steady their emails that they write.

If they've written books, host a podcast, if they have a blog, go there and start studying because they're obviously doing something right and you want to start being a student of these leaders who are dominating in a space that you wish to start dominating in.


4. Speak Your Audiences Language


If you're trying to attract a certain demographic, a certain age group, we need to be speaking the language of that demographic or age group.  I know there's all kinds of jargon out there like “crushing it”, “hustle” and “Boss Babes”, but you need to really speak to your audience so they resonate with you.



Let me give you an example. One of my favorite places to go is local to me, it's called Phil's coffee and it's right by a college campus, so as you can see, the sign that's inside of their actual coffee shop says, hang tight. We're going to be with you in a moment kind of vibe.

It's speaking to the type of audience/customers that they know are going to be coming into the coffee shop, which are mostly college students.







5. Polarize


What does this mean? This means you stand for something or you fall for everything. It's so crucial that you learn to really speak your mind and do it in a way that makes sense to your morals, your values, your beliefs, the things that you actually, you know, stand for and you can't worry about people not following you.

You always are going to have people that are going to be attracted to you, but in attraction you're also going to repel certain people.

If you look at someone like Gary Vaynerchuk, who's a major influencer, typically people really, really love him or they don't. They don't like the swearing, they're not into the grind it out nonstop 24/7.

The people either love it or they don't, and that's okay.

He's only doing what he knows what he believes in, what he stands for, and he's going to attract a certain audience from that.

If you try to appease to everybody and be vanilla, it's really hard for you to stand out above the crowd and it's going to be really hard for the people who really believe in the same things that you do to find you because you're trying to blend in.

6. Find Where Your Audience Is Hanging Out


We already talked about the fact that they may be hanging out with other leaders that you follow,  but they might be hanging out on other social media platforms, in other interactive groups, or they might even be searchable by hashtags.

Something to consider: Is there another platform you should be on to really start attracting your tribe other than the one that you maybe are focusing on now?

I always say focus on one to two and I highly suggest having one of those via social media platform and another being a search engine platform like youtube or Pinterest, because in the beginning people may not be looking for you because they don't know you exist, but they might be looking for the content that you're actually creating.

So when they search out that content, they will find you, if you are using a search engine.

So yes, you need to do some due diligence. You need to collect some data, do a little bit of research, but I have to tell you in the long run, you're going to be so crystal clear on who you are, who you're looking to attract, how you help people, how you serve them, where to find them, and you're going to start building an amazing tribe.

Who on your team or that your collaborating with needs to learn how to do this? Pass it along so they are not left in the dark… I'm sure they will give you a virtual hug! 






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