Groups are all the craze right now, but there seems to be some confusion on how to best use them to meet those “like minded individuals”, attract more people to you by building and cultivating more relationships inside of these groups.

I'm talking active BOSS groups. There is some crazy awesome groups out there that you can go in and start serving up your goodness to.

You need to work on brand awareness and letting people know what you are the “go to” for. So the more you go out there and serve people with what you do best, the more they will come to you and want to learn more… AND BUY FROM YOU!

So let's dive into How To Connect In Interactive Groups to Create Engagement & Brand Awareness

1. Serve Don't Sell

The key that I would say that you want to focus on is not trying to be in 50,000,000 groups.  I know there was a time where we wanted to join as many groups as possible and I think there's a purpose for the spammy or groups.

A lot of times if you just post in those spam groups (valuable content and things you want to promote), it will notify your friends that are a part of that group so it does get attention, but  you only need to do that so many times in a day, right?

The idea behind being a part of active groups is not feeling like you need to be serving in 50 of them, but maybe two or three. Pick a couple of groups where you just want to be hanging out consistently. Don't go in there, post and then just disappear … that's annoying and serves no one.

  • Interact
  • Encourage
  • Uplift
  • Engage
  • Answer questions 
  • Cheer People On
  • Celebrate Their Wins With Them

Here's a Tip: If you don't know the answer to someone's question,  go find the answer. I'll say it again…  the most resourceful person wins always. And google and youtube got your back.

If you are the person that is constantly in there serving, delivering value and building relationships with these people and you assist with your expertise they will remember you. They will refer people to you and you will become someone they know, love and trust.

And we know what that means. They are more likely to refer people to you or buy from you personally.


2. What Not To Do



  • Make it a big pitch fest 
  • Start selling and spamming 
  • Create attention towards you or your products with intentions of filling your wallet

You want to be a classy marketer, and it all starts with creating a network of strangers that you can turn into friends. Jen Johnson Click To Tweet

So patience grasshopper, just go mingle and be chill. Be the person people like to hang around so when you do have something to say, they will pay attention.


3. When Your First Join A Group

Be sure you read the rules because that will help you know how each admin runs their ship. They will grow to be common sense over time and they are teaching you good group etiquette and how to truly network.

You want to develop a good relationship with the Admin of that group, you know, introduce yourself and let them know who you are.

And nowadays, if you're joining groups recently, you're probably noticing that you have to answer questions and you'll notice like what they'll ask you, what are you going to contribute? They want you to contribute to these groups.

They want you to go in there and, be a part of the community. Building a group, creating a cool culture and community is not a one man job. It takes the people inside the group to create that culture. So the more active you are the better off for you and the group.

Serve and assist the admin. They're going to appreciate it and you'll stand out, you'll develop a good relationship with them and one day they may even pull you in for an interview or to go live and share a testimonial. If they know you exist and you aim to serve their community that will circle back to you in a good way.


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4. Go Get A Result & Share

If their is something being taught in that group, go apply and and get a result with it. Then share your result in the group.  This lifts up the leader and also gives you credibility. It's a win win.  And here's the deal… leaders want testimonies.

If you have a testimony, that's a story. If you have a story about a result you got with their strategy, they are goign to spread that around like wildfire… because it gives them credibility as a leader, but it also gives you recognition.

Again…it's a win win. Are you starting to see a pattern here?

You're going to be able to get in front of more people. They're going to allow their community to become a platform for you to be heard, for you to be recognized, but it takes you putting in that effort, going out and doing the work and then coming back into the group and sharing the results.

Don't be afraid to go out and share what it is that's working for you. Jen Johnson Click To Tweet


5. Ease & Flow

When you first start getting involved in these two to three groups, you're going to choose to be a part of. You don't want to go in and just start posting like a crazy person and make it all about you.  First go in and just start commenting.

Just start engaging with what's happening.

It's like when you show up to a party, you don't want to be the obnoxious person that walks in the room like, “Hey, look who just walked in.” nobody likes the drunk of obnoxious person.


You want to be the person that's just coming in, making the rounds saying hi to people and interacting and getting warmed up to everyone. Let people know you are going to be interactive in the group by being interactive in the group.

Crazy concept right.

Make them feel welcome. Even though you're not the host of the party, you can still go out and make people feel welcome.




I think of church,  when I go to church every Sunday, the pastor doesn't greet me when I walk in. That's not the first person I see. But I do see the deans.  They're welcoming us in and saying hello. So when people walk in, like they're directing them where to go, they're directing them on what's happening.

So people immediately feel like they're welcomed there, so you want to be that person. You want to be  like the dean or the usher that's going, “Hey, check this out or check that out.”


6. Commit To Posting

Then as you start going in and getting more active, people start knowing who you are. So posting once a week and making a little schedule to be sure you go in there and commit to contributing is cool. People know who you are now.

  • Post something inspirational
  • Something that worked for you 
  • A tip or a concept
  • FYI's or Did You Know's 

Here is an example of a post I did in my buddy Brian Fryer's Group. I'm just leaving words of wisdom, food for thought and then pointing back to how awesome his community is. 

If you are warming people up to you before you start consistently posting, you're more likely to get the engagement if you've already been like hanging out in there.

So be a solution provider. Look at what people were asking. You can also like go in and search key words. For example if you want to look up a specific word like facebook ads or whatever it is that you help people with, you can search and those groups to see if there's anybody talking about that specifically.

Because what starts to happen is if you get known for something specific in a group, those people will start tagging you as that go to person.

Side Note: Make sure the groups that you're joining are actually a congruent with how you can serve.

If you are doing social media marketing and branding, joining a fitness group is not really going to make sense. Make sure the two or three groups that you are hanging out in are places that you can actually go and share value that people want to hear about.

Always keep it congruent.

In Conclusion

Show up hard in less groups. Just be there every day and you don't have to be hanging out in there all day long, but gosh, for fifteen minutes go into those groups and really get active. Really engage.

The question you want to ask yourself every day is How can I help people today and where they're hanging out? Jen Johnson Click To Tweet

I can tell you when a group gets really big, it's hard for the main person that's running it to be answering all the questions to be the one that's giving everybody all the assistance, admins, they need your help. They're relying on people to step up.

So that's where you come in and rise to the occasion.


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