Confession time…

“My name is Jen Johnson… and I am a tools & training junkie.” I have invested oodles upon oodles into tools, resources & courses to further my education in building a profitable business online… and I am so glad I did! Good news for you though. I've already done the research for ya…that's the hardest part! 

Finding the right resources, knowing where to start and utilizing the proper tools are necessary to build your business online can be a chore to explore. Especially If you haven't done the research, are not sure who has legit training and have never heard of these resources I speak of. 

So to make things easy for ya, I'm going to leave my favorites I HIGHLY recommend below for you to take a gander. I can't say enough about how important it is for you to acquire the necessary skills you need to turn your purpose into profit. As well as setting up your biz using the “Work smarter not harder” method with amazing tools and simple systems. 

Oh…and yes, I either use these tools or know all the creators of these products personally… so I will vouch for them. 

Please note:  Some of the tools below do have my affiliate link attached so I do make a small commission if purchased, but there is no extra charge to you.  However, I have them listed because I have personally invested them and they have helped me to grow my business and make my daily operations that much easier.  If you are unsure if would be a benefit to you or not be sure to click the button to learn more or feel free to reach out if you have questions about said resources. 


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If you are spamming and not understanding how to magnetically attract LOYAL customers, dream clients & team members, then you NEED to learn all about attraction marketing. Learn how to become insanely attractive to your prospects, (and I don't mean your looks) and it's game over. 

This course was created by my personal mentor, Diane Hochman, an 18 year veteran who has been in profit since the first month she opened for business. I highly suggest diving in! 

Multi six figure earner, Lisa Torres, pulls back her curtain and reveals how you can generate 30-40 leads per day and make your first 5 sales following a simple 3-step system working just 60 minutes a day or less DAILY!

If prospecting, generating leads and sales is your struggle, interactive prospecting is your solution to helping you take action, conquer and get results.

Master Marketer, Ray Higdon, teaches you how to establish your authority in ANY niche no matter how competitive it is… and turn that authority into a predictable stream of revenue of at least six-figures a year or more all through the power of creating your home on the internet. (Your Blog!)


18 year marketing veteran, Diane Hochman, hosts a monthly mastermind that will take your limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, & unhealthy perspectives and give entrepreneurs the key to build a global empire and never have to worry about money again.

Warning: You are now entering a DANGER ZONE, The Deep Abyss, where you will be forced to stretch, to grow, and to GET RESULTS! 

Transform even the tiniest list into a cash-flow residual machine with 17 year veteran, Diane Hochman's, simple 6-Step Formula anyone can apply today. This course will literally your copywriting world upside down and build your confidence to write to your dream list like a pro!

If you want to build your business on the inter-webs, YOUR LIST needs to be on the inter-webs too. Your list is your lifeline and if you can communicate with people who actually want to subscribe to your email list, well then you can definitely create a ton more profit inside of your business. 

There are two things you own online and this is one of them. Start building stronger relationships, creating more value and offers by exposing your list to all of that DAILY with Aweber's Autoresponder. 


Master Marketer, Ray Higdon, teaches you how to establish your authority in ANY niche no matter how competitive it is… and turn that authority into a predictable stream of revenue of at least six-figures a year or more all through the power of creating your home on the internet. (Your Blog!)

My Lead System Pro: The hottest marketing system that not only teaching you how to market, but how to attract those ready to buy from you!  If you are not generating the leads, building a list or attracting your dream customers and clients MLSP can definitely help.  

Let me put it this way. I struggled for twelve years before I found this system. Once I jumped in and started using the tools and training in this incredible community and platform, I finally was able to work my business full time. This is where you get your marketing feet wet and build a solid foundation for a long term business. 

ClickFunnels: This is an all in one tool for creating some pretty epic Funnels (aka: lead magnets, capture page, freemium, splash pages, etc) where you can begin to grow your email list.  This is a MUST HAVE if you are looking to grow and scale your business online. 

Aside from being able to create funnels to grow your email list, you can also create your own products and membership sites.  You can grab your 14 DAY FREE TRIAL HERE.  Be sure to grab your Aweber autoresponder though they go hand in hand.  

Smart Phone Portable Ring Light So You Can Snap Your Videos On The Go And Never Have To Have “Hot Mess” Lighting. 

An amazing travel tripod. This puppy extends like no other. Great for the desk or on the go. Plus you can shoot your videos horizontal AND vertical. Love Love Love this! 

If you want your videos to look stellar then remember…it's all in the lighting. Worth every penny right here!

Sounds quality makes a huge difference as well. If you are going live from your computer, creating pre-recorded screen share videos, or producing a new course, up your sound game to take the quality of your content and products to the next level. 

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