Do you ever feel like you're content is just falling flat on its face?

You're out there creating it, but it's fallen on deaf ears?

You're not getting the engagement. Nobody's heading over to stick around long enough to see what it is you're talking about. Let alone going to check out all the awesome products and services that you offer.

Today I'm going to give you six tips to help you create content on social media that will help you captivate your audience.

Using passive strategies like content creation, truly work when you start…

implementing and making the proper tweaks to to captivate your audience. So let's dive in! ….



1. Create Click Worthy Headlines


When it comes to creating content, there's a few things you want to think about when you're starting to outline your content and map out the content pieces that you want to deliver to your audience.

The first thing you want to do is really focused on creating click worthy headlines. The headline is so crucial because there's so much content out there, there's so many people out there maybe in the same niche that you're in delivering amazing content.


Why should people click on your content?


The headline is the first thing that people see. So you really want to be intentional with what your headline actually states. Let it be a statement piece so that people really know exactly what they're going to get out of your video before they actually click on it.




The headline is like the preview to a movie.

They are thinking “Is this a piece of content that will benefit me?”

And when you really dial in on the pain points and struggles that your audience needs to hear about and they want to digest and you include those topics and those little keywords in your headlines, it's going to make it very, very click worthy.


2. Speak to Those You Serve


You want to stick to helping people that actually need to hear your message, that really need your business, product or service and not try to please everybody.

Look, vanilla is a flavor, but it's not the most exciting. So when you're trying to please everybody across the board, you're really reaching nobody.

So you want to make sure that the messages and the content pieces that you're creating are really captivating the people that need your business, product or service.

By the time you're done with that content piece, you want to be able to to direct those people who are actually ready or prepared to buy to the proper solution.


FACT: Your product or service is something that they needed before they even saw your content  and they're going to actually go do the thing you want them to do if you tell them to.

I'll show you how to make that happen in the next steps. But here's the reality…when you're speaking to everybody, you're speaking to nobody.

So question for you….How well does your audience know exactly how you can help them?

You need to stand for something. You want to be very clear in your content that you're the go to for something specific. What is that thing?


3. Create Evergreen Content


What does that mean?

That means you want to create content that even a year, two years, or five years from now, it's still gonna be relevant because it's universal law or it's something that just doesn't change.

While strategies and tools change, actual content centered around concepts and principles don't.-Jen Johnson Click To Tweet

Discuss and create content that will last because you want people to be able to go back and check out that content and it still be relevant.

If I was to do a facebook live, it's cool to use facebook lives for current events, things that are coming up.

Maybe you're doing a Webinar or there is some sort of training that you're going to be hosting or you want to create a special offer or a campaign that you want to be promoting.

That's cool because on facebook, people don't tend to go back as often and check out all the old videos, but if you're creating something for a blog post or on youtube, you want to create something that's relevant and evergreen and to it's time.

Sometimes people will create relevant evergreen content for the time.

Or perhaps it's strategies for 2018, but they're always updating that information as new things are happening (which technically isn't evergreen).

Just remember there's times where you want to create that evergreen content that really will last for years and years to come (the technique or concept doesn't change), as well as creating things that are new and innovative and that are constantly changing.

It's great to mix it up!


4. Create A Takeaway


Content should be something that's not just digested, but it's almost like an instruction guide or a manual.

It should be something that helps people move the needle further to help them achieve what it is they're looking to achieve, whether it's a goal, whether it's a result, whether it's a product that they need to be using.

You want to create content that helps people be able to take actionable steps inside of whatever it is they're looking to do, so you want to always create content that gives valuable information, but then also tells people what to do next.

Also known as a call to action.



Example: I have a FACEBOOK LIVE PREP & CHECK LIST  to help you know exactly what you need to do before, during, and after every single live or prerecorded video that you do. Be sure download that because that is going to really help you and be a great checklist every time you want to go broadcast or shoot a new video.

So see, I'm giving you something to walk away with. That's additional value. You want to always think of things like that.

What is something you can offer or create in addition to build that bond and trust so that people start to feel a bigger connection to you?


5. Point to Other Content & Resources


You want to point to other resources in content that you have created for your audience to stick around longer. The key is to really create loyals and super fans that are going to want to silently stalk you or binge watch all of the things that you create as far as content goes. In a healthy non creepy way of course!

So the more you can keep people sticking around by pointing out other resources that are congruent with something you're already talking about, that makes it so much easier for them to know where else they can check out other relevant content to help them with the actual topic you're already discussing.


Example:  I'm going to link you to another video I did on How to Create Killer Content Even If you Haven't Created Killer Results because we're talking about content creation today and I want to give you more information on how you can actually go about crushing content creation.


6. Don't Be Afraid To Share Your Best Stuff


It's true! You don't want to be afraid to share your best stuff with people because they're going to think, Holy Toledo, if this is what she's giving away for free, then what is she going to be giving away when she actually creates a course or has a product or a service to share with me?

It's really important that you build that trust and you don't operate out of lack or thinking.

You don't need to be stingy with your goodness.

You want to make sure that you're delivering on the front end to again and build that trust, create the bond and the rapport, and really create a tribe of people who want to consume and gobble up every single thing that you put out there as a piece of content because it's just that good. It's like a magazine.

Some people are addicted to cosmopolitan or maybe they're addicted to fitness magazines and they cannot wait for the new subscription.

You want people to always be at the edge of their seat waiting for your next piece of content to show up.-Jen Johnson Click To Tweet


So what is the one thing you took away from this video that you need to go out there and apply today?


Definitely comment below. I would love to hear all about it and get into conversation with you.


Who do you know that needs to step up their content game? Do them a solid and share this with them and help them create an Ah-ha moment today. 











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