I know it's a very basic question, but it's one that comes up so often.

“How do I build a business online?”

What are the proper ways to get started? Creating a foundation and a solid structure for your business is most important.

These days I know that can be pretty confusing since there is so many options.

What are the steps you should take so that I…

can get into profit instead of getting stuck in busy mode or info overload?

In today's episode I will share some simple steps you can take to help you get your footing in the online biz world.


I can tell you it's very easy to overcomplicate this process. I myself was someone who was on the struggle bus for over a decade before I figured out how to actually make money online. Thankfully, I've been full time for quite a few years now, so I'm excited to share some of these tips with you.


1. What's Your Money Maker?


The first thing you need to think about when you're building a business online is how are you making money?

We hear a lot about branding, but you don't actually have a business or a brand if you don't have a way to turn profit.

There are a couple different ways to approach this.

You could have product suite of different services or different consumable products that you offer. It's just important to know what you sell you know what you are leading potentials clients and customers to.

The actual products or the services that you're providing should hit home with the challenges and the pain points that are going to serve the audience that you desire to serve.

So getting clear on your products helps you become clear on who your audience is going to be.

Sometimes this takes a little bit of homework and doing some actual self actualization:


  • What are you good at?
  • Do you have any special skills? (In the voice of Napoleon Dynamite)
  • Any hobbies that you love?
  • Are there certain things people come to you for advice for?    


What could you start to build upon as an actual business and/or create products around?

You could be excited about certain products that already exist as a product or a service that you can simply be an affiliate for.


2. Who is my audience and where are they hanging out?


Also… how can I find them and connect with them?

I guess many consider this part the boring part because yes, we actually have to do a little digging.

Lucky for you the google search bar, YouTube and all other social platforms really make it easy for us to track down our perfect clients.

There are lots of great ways to track down your dream tribe.



You can look at other influencers who are already in this space. Don't look at them as competitors, but look at them as people who are serving an audience that really may be interested in some of the things that you have to offer as well.

This world is a huge playground and everybody can get along, so why not do some due diligence and take a look at what some other experts are doing in your field to see how they're structuring things in their business.

How are they building their audience?

Start connecting with people within their network. This can give you a jumpstart and help you build the audience that is really going to benefit from the products or services that you offer.


3. Engage with your audience through content creation


This is so important!

Once you get clear on the products and services that you provide and what you'll essentially be the “go to” for in your market space, start creating content that creates quick wins, solutions and valuable info for your specific audience.

It's so crucial that you be very consistent with this process and also figure out where and how you're going to be creating this content.

There's so many different social media platforms as you well know so it's a good Idea to set up your accounts, but then figure out the platforms your audience hangs on the most. That's where you want to be!

What way do you love to communicate with your audience best? 


Download The Social Media Prep & Checklist. 

Create content with a plan to create engagement, Conversations & Commissions



When it comes to how to create the content there's three different ways you can go about creating the content.

  • Video 
  • Audio
  • The Written Word

As you can see I like writing and I also LOVE video.

If you're someone who likes to write, maybe consider a blog, creating captions on instagram or just making tip posts on facebook.

Like to talk? I highly suggest taking a look at setting up a podcast so you can talk your heart out.

Side Note: You want to hang out where your tribe is hanging out, but you want to communicate with them the way that best helps you get your message across so they resonate with you. 



4. Build Your Email List!


People really missed the boat and underestimate the power of building an email list, but it's what makes marketing go round.

How we not just create one time sales, but repeat business is by setting up an email list.

You really need to make sure that all of these people that you're meeting and networking with is hanging out in a place where they have given you permission to send them more content. share your offers, promotions, etc.

The best way to get permission is through people subscribing to your email list.



I will tell you, most experts, if you ask them “What the one thing you wish you would have done sooner?”, it's definitely start building an email list because the email list is where the sales happen.

All you need is an Auto Responder. It's really easy to set up and it's a low dollar tool.

You can check out the one I use in the additional resources below and even grab a 30 day free trial. 


5. Packaging & Pricing 


This is another step that is sometimes lost in the shuffle.

You don't just need products and services. You want to get good at packaging and pricing them.

This is where marketers can really have fun. Up the ante, do giveaways, bonuses…all that jazz.

If you're a sales rep for a company and the products are already packaged and priced or you have digital services that are already done for you a lot of the packaging and pricing is already done for you.

But that doesn't mean you can't sweeten the pot and learn how to create custom packages or give some add on value.

I know… these chocolates look delish! Cute packaging right???



Let's say that you're someone that is creating your own products suite, your own membership site, courses, consulting or coaching packages, you have to create your packaging and pricing.

Your building a product from the ground up so it's up to you. You get to decide how it's structured, delivered, packaged and priced. I find this to be fun. If the idea of product creation makes you rather run to the dentist to get a root canal, than you may want to consider done for you/affiliate products.

There's all different types of ways to package and price. You can absolutely get creative.


You can create…

  • Monthly membership sites
  • Do one on one coaching and consulting
  • Create courses/digital products


Have fun, play with it.

Again, look around at what other people are doing to get some ideas. How are they structuring it, what do the price points look like?

At this point I am keeping it simple because the idea is to not overthink. I just want to help you get started.

You want your customer or client to feel what you are delivering is well worth the investment, but you don't want to sell yourself short at the same time. This is why it's good to look around at how things are be packaged and competitively priced.

When I really wanted to learn how to market, I needed to get plugged into a community, into a space that would provide me all the tools, all the training, and a complete system to help me dial in this concept of building a business online.

So I am actually going to put a link below for you to check out my Turn Purpose To Profit Marketers Suite so I can share with you the exact system I use to really dial in building my business online.

I would love to help you get plugged into this system. It was an amazing game changer for me and I know it could really help you out as well.

If you're feeling all over the place. Lost, stuck, not sure what steps to take or how to build the foundation to create a strong structure for building your business online I got you…happy to help.

As you're going through building, engaging in selling to your audience, the way to really get them excited is to do a few things.


Be sure that you're getting testimonials



Even if this means you have to start working with people in the very beginning to build your portfolio. Maybe you do a couple of Freebie kind of things. You know what I'm saying?

Just to start getting the results so you can begin sharing said results and showing people that you can help achieve the same.

That's going to attract more business to where you can actually start creating profit and charging for those services, but always in the beginning, we're always wanting to have that portfolio to help us create the momentum.


Plus share any results that you're getting, social proof, things that are working for you.


You want to be sharing your results as well because it helps build your influence and authority. It also shows people you're working it!

Create curiosity and share the experience of the behind the scenes process, the journey you're on.

People will want to take that journey with you if you're authentic, genuine, real, and are seriously wanting to help people get the results.

Go get em!



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