It's a sad truth, but most people ignore, get annoyed and literally throw their emails in the trash. I'm gonna tell you why that's a horrible move and why it could very well be costing you money.

Call me crazy, but pay very close attention.

If you want to be a boss marketer, studying emails is one of the best ways to learn how to communicate with people and create more leverage & sales in your business. That is where the selling is done after all.

I'm talking about reading, studying and devouring the emails that show up in your inbox. Ya know, the ones you subscribed to and are not annoyed they are taking up so much space?

I see them as GOLD and many see them as an inconvenience.

I'm gonna share with you the power of reading those emails and using them to your marketing advantage.



I'll show you how I use them to: 

  • Come up with content to get my juices flowing
  • Learn marketing
  • Create powerful headlines
  • Better close business
  • Learn how to better sell
  • To better communicate with my audience


It's very underused, but a total power play! 

You know what they say “One mans trash is another mans treasure.” 


Why Reading Emails Can Make You Money


I was thinking about this topic when I was cleaning out my inbox of 19,000 emails. My, this drives my husband crazy…maybe that's partly why I do it. 🙂

Kidding…I have more than one email address yo!

But, It really just blows my mind that people ignore their emails. They get really annoyed by them yet they opted to get that info in the first place.

I get it there is only so many emails you can read in a day, but you should be reading the ones that you know are making people a ton of money…just saying.

I had some old emails of people who unsubscribed from my list and commented “I just don't have time to read this” or “There's just too many emails for me to go through.” it's fascinating to me that people ignore the close.

On the other hand I hear people say “Jen, I love your emails they are so good.” How do you think I got there?

Well, by writing of course, but before you write you study. And there no better thing to study than and email if that's what you want to get good at!

I'm not saying I'm the best at it, but I can hold my own when writing emails.

Was I always comfortable and good at writing emails to my list ? Heck no!

I actually thought I was going to hate doing it, but I saw the power of what email marketing could do so I was determined to get good at it.

Like anything, the way get good at something is to learn from others already doing it well. Click To Tweet

Who do you know that is really good at writing to their list?

Who's list are you currently on and you are currently receiving emails from them frequently?

Do you get annoyed by them or do you look at them not only as a student to soak up their content, but also because you want to learn the process of being a good marketer?

You want to learn the process of how they actually make money?

Email is where it's at. I know people who can sneeze one email and make thousands of dollars instantly. It sounds too easy, but it's powerful!

Whether you're in network marketing or affiliate marketing or building your business from the ground up, you should have a list.

“But Jen, my list is on Facebook.” Well guess what? You don't own facebook so I would not archive your list there.

If you don't own facebook,  you don't own your list. Building your list via email is communication that you can control no matter what goes down on social media.





Permission Marketing


When you have an email list, when you actually can write messages to people that want to hear from you because they gave you that permission and they want to learn from you, you have full control and ownership of that list.

They want to read your content. If you're delivering content on facebook, remember not everyone can see it. You should be letting your list in on that.

Treat your list like they are VIP because they are. They are your loyals.  My list hear's everything first. If they want to know anything that I'm up to, any new things that I've come across or any things that I've created that I think will help you out,  you're going to hear about it first if you're on my list.

It's people giving you permission to keep them in the loop. and you know that it typically takes several exposures before someone makes a buying decision.

If you have them reading your newsletter, how many exposures is that? Well, let's see you typically write a few times a week so….  A LOT!


It's Your Jabs & Right Hooks


Email is dripping, seed planting and closing all in one. Remember Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook? Create the value and then throw in a suggestion or recommendation.

If you are always suggesting and recommending value it will never feel like a sale to your customer when it's time for them to pay up. Click To Tweet


If you're building your business online, your lists should be online and that is the most powerful thing that you own, but here's the deal.


Writing Is Your Biggest Asset 


Maybe you don't have a newsletter. Maybe you're not doing email marketing thing yet.

That's fine,  but maybe you want to start. I would suggest going through my 7 Day List Building Experience Class.

If you want to get good at marketing, you have to realize your biggest skill set that you could ever develop is writing. Click To Tweet

Why is writing my biggest asset?

Because you do it every single day, whether you're doing it on Facebook or doing it because you're creating a new blog post, maybe you want to run an ad or create a new piece of content.

How about coming up with a cool, catchy headline for your next video? And all those messages you need to respond to in your messenger inbox. It all consists of writing.

Everything on the interwebs involves being a good writer. This is a skillset that will pay you more than any other one. I wholeheartedly believe that becoming a good writer is a necessity.

I'm not saying you need to be a poet. I'm not saying you need to go write a book, but you have to get good at communicating with people through the written word.

You have to learn to speak to the masses and be able to get in front of a lot of people and say something compelling that catches their attention. Writing is your biggest asset.

People are all up in arms about the algorithms and how to work facebook, technology, this button and that button, and all these little gadgets and strategies.

Look, facebook is a platform that allows you to connect with more people. I've said it before. Facebook understands human movement and human interaction better than most people. You want to get good at communicating with people.

Facebook, instagram, whatever social media outlet you're using just gives you more access. It allowed me to have a conversation with someone in Australia yesterday. It allows me to connect with my bestie that's in Tennessee.

It allows us to go out there and meet people that we never would've met if we didn't have these social platforms. It allows us to get in front of more people.

You still got to know how to connect and communicate with the people.


So How Do I Get Good At Writing?


If you want to learn how to write like a pro study emails, study, people who write. This is why emails are the best thing to read.

When people tell me they don't have time to read my emails, that's fine, but, you better be reading someone's emails. Someone that you resonate with, someone that you vibe with that you can learn the writing skill from that fits with your personality and message best.

I learned from my mentor, Diane Hochman, she's someone I really resonated with.  I took her course. I got down in the trenches of learning how to do it.

Remember writing is a skill you need to develop. It's something you may not be good at right now, but it's something that you want to be doing so you get good.

The best copy to study is email copy and studying those who do it well is going to help you learn that much faster.


So You Want To Be A Better Closer?


If you read emails long enough you will start to see patterns. When I read an email now I don't even look at it the same way that I use to look at reading emails.

Sure the content is good and maybe it's something I want to learn, cool, but I'm looking at their process.

I'm looking at it as a guide. Maybe they started off with a story, or a testimony, but then it lead into an offer or an invite to a webinar. You want to get into a flow with writing and the emails in your inbox are great templates!

Sometimes I see they put a little sense of urgency over here and then they sprinkled in a little call to action over there. Oh and hey, they did a little PS line and asked a simple call to action.

I'm looking at the structure of these emails to get inspiration for how I would like mine to flow.

And yes they may be communicating to you via email,  but maybe you want to communicate that way on your blog post or on the next post that you write on facebook. You start to learn the love language of marketing.

Marketing is marketing. No matter what shape or form it comes in and all roads lead back to your inbox. Click To Tweet

Your inbox is where the sales take place. That is where you will learn to close.


You Need Content Ideas?


I always hear “I don't have any ideas for what I want to talk about.

What do you think email's consist of? They consist of content.

You want to learn to write catchy headlines for your subject line, for your emails, or maybe for your lives. A subject lines for emails are great headlines.

You can literally just go through all the emails and look at all the headlines and get ideas for content or topics.

People who are great at structuring emails know how to write a catchy headline. They know how to write something at the top that gets you to click to open it.

This is a huge advantage for you to get inspired and take that headline and make it your own.

In the last 24 hours (as I write this), I've probably generated 150 leads. No joke because of my headlines.

It's so crucial that you learn how to do this. Saying there's too many emails that you don't have time to read them is crippling you. It's crippling you because that's where you learn.

Most people are trying to learn how to sell, close pitch, promote, and market on facebook and the answers to learning that are right in your inbox!

That's where leaders and top earners are selling their stuff to you?

If you want to learn how to sell, learn how they do it, but understand they're doing it on the back end. Behind closed doors via email. People don't come to social media to buy.

They come to connect with you and communicate with you and get you to fall in love with them. And then you get on their list and then they can write to you about anything they want because you gave them permission to write.

So they're going to continue to give you value, continue to build trust with you.

And then from time to time they're going to say, “Hey, I got this thing going on if you want to check it out you can grab it here or sign up here”.

So promise me you won't say you don't have time to read them. Make time.

Set a goal… read 5 emails a day. Take notes, get inspired. I know my mentor Diane, she didn't just read them, she actually used to hand write her mentor emails.  I did this in the beginning too when I first got started.

When you read enough of them you start to develop the same language. Kinda like when you hang out with the same friend a lot.

Writing them out embeds it in your brain even more. You start actually training your brain though putting pen to paper.

It's not so much in each and every word that they're saying, but just getting an overall idea on how they are communication their message, products and services.

Building a business in general takes time. The time's gonna pass either way, so you might as well build your list. You've got to build a list anyways.

You might as well be doing it on the interwebs because that's where you're hanging out all the time.

Email is way more intimate people will respond to your emails when you start writing and you can start connecting with them on a deeper level.

They'll reply to you and they'll actually tell you what's going on on a real level.


Why You Should Be Opting In?


Do you get annoyed when you have to opt in to peoples freebies and lead magnets? Don't be! This is a win win.

Not only do you get the ebook, training, webinar or whatever the thing is, you also get to go through their funnel. Why is this a big deal?

Because a funnel actually gives pain points, struggles and challenges. They are selling you on something!

You can see how they've structured their funnel. Are you having an ah-ha yet?

I'll literally opt in to people's funnels just to go through the funnel. I don't even necessarily need the thing, but I just want to go through their funnel and take screenshots and notes.

Again i'm using it as a template or a guide. I'll still talk like me and talk about my own stuff, but I have a place to get inspired and get new ideas now. You now can see the whole sales process.

I highly suggest not only you start studying them, but you start creating them for yourself.

You know, I use an amazing attraction marketing system to create funnels, ebooks, blog, etc. I have it all under one roof and it's so easy to use.

I love passive marketing and having the right tools and strategies in place allow you to get good at it.

Yes, you need to prospect and you needed to recruit and all that stuff is great, but there is a whole other side of that coin that you need to learn and that's what I want to teach you.

I'll put a list of resources below to help you futher and you can figure out what would be the best place for you to get started. If you have questions throw them in the comments and I'll be happy to help.

Just decide to get good. Make a commitment to read your emails, learn how to write and start doing the writing yourself. Be consistent of course.

Start writing before you even have anyone on your list. That way when they show up you're ready and you're feeling good about it.

Don't expect to be a pro right out of the gate, you will get there if you don't quit and write as often as you can. Patience grasshopper. You'll be a pro before you know it.





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