“I need to create content I'm just not sure what to talk about.” Sound familiar?

Totally normal, but let me tell ya creating content something people totally overthink. It's important you create content on a consistent basis, but in order to do that you actually have to come up with ideas. Coming up with ideas can take a minute…

What if I told you that you can plan out all your content for the week in one hour…

if you really sat down to do it?

The question is how much time to you spend planning out your content? My guess is next to none if you are still scratching your head unsure of what you should talk about.

The reality is you need to do some research and explore some content in order to get your juices flowing on what kind of content you want to create.

It's like writing a book report in school. You are not going to just come up with it off the top of your head. You need to read some books on the subject right?

There are very simple ways to do that. The harder part is picking an over all niche or market you want to speak to. So before you dive into content you need to ask yourself two things:

  • What audience do I serve? 
  • What type of result do I want to help them create? 

Then you can start mapping out your content accordingly.

The good news is in today's video I am going to show you How to never run out of content ideas for your audience again. The words “I don't know what to talk about” should never fall from your lips again!


Even if you are still trying to figure out what type of audience you want to cater to, you can start getting ideas and your juices flowing if you watch and apply.

1. Don't Create Aimless Content

Now before I give you all the ‘how to's' let me just tell you a couple things that are very important.

You need to make sure the topics that you discuss with your audience are congruent to how you can actually help them.

If you are in health and wellness and trying to teach people how to make money online your products will not line up with your message so you are not actually preparing your audience to buy what it is you actually sell.

It's extremely important that you start creating content that is in line with the products you sell and the results you can help people get. Click To Tweet


2. How Are You Delivering Said Content?

This is another key area that actually stops people from delivering content.

Now obviously video is the hottest way to go out and get in front of your audience, but if you are not ready for your close up then how else are you going to deliver the valuable content you have to your audience?

You have the virtual world at your finger tips so pick a strategy, any strategy.

There are three options to choose from if you are creating content to put in front of your audience online.

They all work if you work them. So don't overthink it. If you are comfortable right now with writing then write away homie!

If you feel you could put your voice out there instead of your face, have at it. You can always work your way up to video if you decide at some point video is your jam.

If you don't decide how you are going to communicate the content you wish to create then you will NEVER create it. Click To Tweet So don't over complicate it. Just pick your poison.



3. Start Researching Those Doing It Well

Now once you figure out what type of content you want to create and how you want to deliver it, you need to start looking for peeps in your niche who are delivering content in that way. Study them!

They are already doing it and doing it well so you need to start gathering ideas, inspiration and get your juices flowing on they type of content you can start creating.










Says our social media marketing Godfather Gary Vee. As harsh as it sounds it's true! You can create the most insane awesome content in the world, but if you dangle that steak in front of a vegan, you ain't selling any steak homie. You must make your content be relevant to your audience.

  • So if you want to blog, look at other blogs and see how they have them set up.
  • Video marketing, study how great leaders construct their live videos. 
  • Do webinars tickle your fancy? Watch how great leaders run their webinars. 
  • Email Marketing, subscribe to some email lists and start studying how the greats write. 

I think you get the idea.

If you want to do something well, study those who are already doing it well. Jen Johnson Click To Tweet

I used to watch so many webinars that when I finally decided to host my own, it was not hard at all. I had a natural flow to them because I watched so many that I just became in tune with how to put one together.

I went to the webinars to learn what they were teaching and ended up learning subconsciously how to put one together.

That's what you need to do with the strategy you wish to learn. Get it down to a science.

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4. Get A Content Journal

You need to start gathering information. As you come across cool posts, quotes, listen to training, gather topics and ideas you could turn into content, you need to store it. Any notes you take should be turned into content and having a place to take those notes and highlight what you could use as content make content creation that much easier.

If you are a digital girl, like me, you can also use TRELLO to organize your content ideas. It's free and you can create an account and create a content board to add your ideas to.

There is also a trello phone app so it's easy to access no matter where you are.

5. Spend One Hour Per Week Prepping Your Content For The Following Week

The first question you need to ask yourself is “How do I want to get into profit this week?”

Then start reverse engineering that process. You content needs to be congruent to that idea so you can prepare your audience for your solution to their problem.

Then spend that hour doing your research on topics relevant to the results your audience seeks:

6. Funnels Are Your Friend

It always kills me when someone says they don't want to opt in to value in exchange for their email.

Are you kidding me !?

If you want to learn the entire structure of how to market something, opt in to funnels.

They take you from start to finish on their process. (If you go through the entire thing) The struggles, challenges and pain points your audience has is listed right in the funnel!


Because the person who created that funnel is speaking to that audience you wish you had. They are showing empathy and that they understand what state of mind their potential buyer is in.

So opt in as a student, but also as a teacher. You are going to want to write down all those issues they are mentioning in a separate journal (or on your trello board).

That way when you are creating content you can refer back to what those issues are and hit some of those pain points to better resonate with your audience.


7. Pinterest

I love me some pinterest!

It's very visual, you can see headlines right on the picture, you're able to search for anything and it always leads you to great articles of content on any subject you search.

Just type in some keywords that you want to create content on and go read some of the articles that you find. The pictures alone will give you great headline ideas (that you tweak and make your own of course.

Take for example this search I did on ‘blogging', the first 4 search results give me 4 different ideas of things I can talk to my audience about when it comes to successfully blogging.

Read through those articles and take points you like, add your own spin and maybe some other tips that come to mind around that topic.

8. Go To Amazon

Amazon has been my BFF for years!

You can research any book on planet earth at your fingertips. Type in your key words, (Low carb, Branding, Social Media, Mindset) Whatever you are wanting to create content around and look at books that pertain to that niche or specific keyword.

All those books offer great headlines that you can use to brainstorm your own.


9. Books

Since were on the topic of books…

There is a book on every topic you can imagine, if you run out of content ideas, you're not reading enough. Jen Johnson Click To Tweet

Buy them! There is even quote books for all those cute little memes you keep taking from google images. Make some new ones of your very own with a killer quote book.

Read, take notes and put together your very own content piece. It's really that easy. 

Whenever I am reading I always have a highlighter handy. I will highlight up and down my books anything that would make a good post idea or video idea. Do this and always elaborate on it with your own thoughts and make it my own. 

Be sure to add your own style and have your content goggles on always. Even when I am at the movie theater, if I hear a good line in a movie, I'll make a quote for it. The key is to add your own thoughts don't just copy the content, that doesn't share who you are or show how you educate.

Note: If you do copy, give credit! 

The more you force yourself too add your own insights, the better you will get at it.

10. Magazines

If you haven't noticed, magazines are full of content! And here's the best news… there is a magazine for every niche out there. The list goes on… Magazines will do all the headline and content creation for you. Just read through it and highlight what's relevant that your audience would love. You will get so many ideas just doing some research.

In Conclusion…

So with that I hope that you take each step I line out here and apply it.

Get intentional with the type of content you create, make it relevant to your products and services you offer, decide how it will be best for you to deliver the content and start doing some homework.

An hour a week is all it really takes to get inspired for a whole week of delivering incredible content to your audience that will help build your brand, authority, credibility and bank account. 

No more overthinking….just do. You've got this!

Who do you know that needs to get their content creation juices flowing? Share this blog post with them and help the peeps you know get on track. 


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