Building Your Tribe By Knowing Your Vibe


You have business, you have a product, but where are the people?

Today I am going to share with you how to KNOW YOUR VIBE & ATTRACT YOUR TRIBE.

I used to what would this hardcore. Wondering who do I serve and where do I find them?  I know they're on social media, but where exactly are they hanging out?

Can someone please throw me a bone?

It can be really confusing because…


Attracting Clients & Customers Through Social Media

How do I attract more clients and customers for my business?

When I first got started, I was clueless about attraction marketing.

I am going to show you how to attract more clients and customers through social media via attraction marketing.

In the beginning, I just didn't know how to create sales through free value.

You might be there, so let me enlighten you and give you an effective plan that you can put into place so that you can start attracting more clients and customers by getting them to raise their hand and buy all your things…


Brand Awareness: How To Build Trust & Engage In Interactive Facebook Groups

Groups are all the craze right now, but there seems to be some confusion on how to best use them to meet those “like minded individuals”, attract more people to you by building and cultivating more relationships inside of these groups.

I'm talking active BOSS groups. There is some crazy awesome groups out there that you can go in and start serving up your goodness to.

You need to work on (more…)

How To Build A Business Online


I know it's a very basic question, but it's one that comes up so often.

“How do I build a business online?”

What are the proper ways to get started? Creating a foundation and a solid structure for your business is most important.

These days I know that can be pretty confusing since there is so many options.

What are the steps you should take so that I…


Social Selling: How to Create Online Sales In BULK!

All right, today we're doing some real talk. I

I'm so excited to share a strategy with you on How I generated 35 sales in 11 days without prospecting a single soul.

This my friend is so exciting because I don't know about you, but for me, when I think of time freedom, I don't think of spending all day errrrrr, day up in people's inboxes, sending message after message, just one on one.

I love creating leverage and I know if you want to create more time in your life to do the things that you love, you want to… (more…)

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