TIME. Our biggest enemy and our best friend all wrapped up into one.

Sometimes we want it to speed up, other times we want it to slow down. We can use it, but never exchange it. It's a tricky thing, but one that is highly manageable when you have the right perspective.

Today we are going to chat about time blocking.

Learn this simple little method called The Pomodoro Technique to take your alarm clock by the horns and get control over all the days ahead of you.



It's always exciting to learn something new, especially when it can add hours back to your days and give you a boost of sanity…ya feel me?

I recently came across this technique to learn how to create simple time chucks and break them into bite size pieces. And well…I like to share.

As a mom, I get it, between taking and picking up the kids from school, homework, cleaning, laundry, runnings errands and a business…need I go on?

I know what it's like to feel like your head is spinning 24/7.

But the reality is we are never going to have more hours in a day so we need to learn to make the best and most efficient use of the hours we have been given.


In today's episode we will cover: 


  • The power of working in 15 minute increments 
  • How To Eliminate Burn Out
  • Learn To Work With The Time You Have
  • Create Focus & Eliminate Distractions 
  • Create A Manageable Work/Life Flow


The hardest part about time is that we can't see it. It's not a visible thing. So we are always wondering “Where did the time go?”

Half the time we have no clue how we are even spending out time.

We're rushed, overextended, late, behind, stressed and we leave no room for the unexpected.

You can be busy all day long and then at the end of the day feel very unaccomplished. You find yourself saying “I got nothing done.”

But wait… you said you were busy. What happened?

This is why we have to rely on habits, deadlines, appointments and other triggers to help us make the best use of our time.

This nifty little hack should help you get on the right track.

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If you're looking for a way to:


  • Hold yourself accountable for how you are spending your time
  • You want to get laser focused and not feel like your brain is in 100 places at once
  • You want to see more results show up in your business
  • You are ready to find your daily rhythm

The pomodoro technique is for you. Be sure to watch the video and I'll show you exactly how it works.


What do you think?…Is this simple technique something you can commit to starting TODAY? Share your thoughts and comments below.


And it's always better if you work together with a friend. So share this with someone you know that would be happy get started with you. 


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